What to Do When She Expresses Interest in Your Hobbies

To some of us, the idea of your lady sitting next to you, Xbox controller in hand is probably one of the sexiest things ever. After all, what could be better than having a woman who actually your favorite games? You don’t have to listen to her nagging you to stop playing and pay attention to her, or demanding that you stop in the middle of a tournament to take out the trash. Having a woman who enjoys your hobbies can almost feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, when a woman expresses interest in your hobbies, it may not always be as great as you think it’ll be. When You DON’T Want Her to Take Up Your Hobby If your lady has decided that one (or more) of your hobbies seem interesting (but you don’t want to share them with her) the first thing you should do is try […]

MUFAs: What Are They and How Can They Help Weight Loss

At the head of every weight loss craze, there are a lot of strange foods and nutrients with weird names that you can’t pronounce. This is one of them. MUFAs, despite having a strange-sounding name, are completely natural and are found in many foods that aren’t genetically modified at all. MUFA stands for monounsaturated fatty acid, and while that still sounds confusing, they’re much more common than you think, and having a MUFA-rich diet is much simpler than most other diets that are out there these days. What Are They? MUFAs are healthy fat>s that are found in all sorts of food, and all of them are great for diets. In fact, these foods probably already exist in your diet, and you just didn’t know. The most common sources of MUFAs are in olive oil, all sorts of nuts, and avocadoes. They’re also a healthy alternative to unsaturated fats and […]


4 New Ways to Use Spinach in Your Cooking

Many people do not get enough vegetables in their daily lives. It is important to eat five servings of healthful greens every day. This can be difficult for people who don’t like vegetables. There are vegetables out there that are mild, nutritious, and are easy to incorporate into your diet. Spinach is a healthy green that is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For example, spinach is a mild tasting leaf when left raw and is an excellent way to get a serving or two of vegetables in your daily meals. Spinach is versatile, and can be served in many different ways and can taste great. Here are a few different ways to sneak spinach into your diet in ways that are simple and delicious. Smoothies Surprisingly, spinach has almost no taste when it is blended up and put with other fruits. Putting spinach in a smoothie might strike you […]


Why You Should Never Buy Anything Full Price

In a world of sales promotions and online coupon codes, there’s no reason you should ever buy anything at full price. Retailers don’t expect customers to dish out the full price tag which is why merchandise goes on sale almost immediately. you can also take advantage of a lot of sales that happen after you buy something for full price if you request the price adjustment within two weeks. This is a principle that most retailers will honor, but it depends on their own company policy. Whether you’re shopping in person or online, though, you should always assume that there’s some kind of discount to be found. Never pay full price for anything, because that just means you haven’t found the bargain yet. There’s Always a Sale There’s always a sale no matter what the item says. If it’s not on sale at that given moment, give it a few […]


The Advantages of Gamefly

In the ever-growing world of wanting to try before you buy its unfortunate that many rental places are going out of service thanks to places like Netflix or Red Box. Any movie is now readily available with the click of a mouse button. But what exactly does that do for gamers? Places that use to rent video games are now just a distant memory after many places have shut down. Demos are available on gaming consoles for gamers to have a quick taste of what they could play if they decided to buy the game. However demos only allow the player to experience so much and usually cut off right before players can really get into what is going on. So how can gamers try before they buy these days? The answer is simple, GameFly. GameFly has been around for a few years now and offers gamers the chance to […]


5 Ways to Stay Entertained While at Home

After a long and busy week of working hard at your job, it can be extremely tempting to use your free time to go out and spend all that money you spent all week earning. After all, you deserve it, right? And there’s that new movie that just hit theaters that everyone’s talking about, and that fancy new restaurant just around the corner you’ve been dying to try with your friends. While resisting the temptations to go out and spend your cash is difficult, you’re probably better off finding ways to amuse yourself at home more often than not. Why? Because when you spend time doing things at home that cost you little to no money at all, you’re developing good habits that let you save up that money, whether it’s for a rainy day, a big trip, or because you want to pick up and move to a different […]


Long Term Vs Short Term Hiring Goals

Sometimes you need to find the perfect candidate to fill a position with your company. Sometimes you just need someone who can start right away. When you’re looking to fill a position long term you have different hiring goals and qualifications than when you just need a warm body to man the store. Here’s how you should adjust your sites depending on which role you’re interviewing for. Of course, sometimes a short term employee can become a long term hire, but you can’t always predict these things. Stop Gap Solutions for Major Positions Won’t Work Before you launch yourself into finding someone, anyone, who can take over Regional Sales or a similar important position you should take a deep breath and think it through. Sometimes it’s better to have a vacancy than to hand the keys to the kingdom over to someone who doesn’t deserve it. When you need to […]


Dating a Trans Woman

If you’ve never dated a trans woman before, there may be a lot of questions that you want to ask her. Unfortunately, asking some of these questions too early in the relationship can lead to things falling apart before they’ve really even begun. Trans woman are constantly being questioned about things that are personal to them. The last thing they need is someone that they’re dating doing the same thing. Before you decide that you want to date a trans woman, there are a few things to keep in mind to help prevent things from getting ugly. Accept that She’s a Woman The biggest issues that men face when it comes to dating trans women is that a lot of us tend to constantly lump her in with males even though she isn’t one. Saying things like, “Technically you’re a man,” or “You know how men are,” are both hurtful […]


Why You Must Avoid Cash Advances On Your Credit Card

Having a credit card is something just about everyone does these days. After all, it’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways to pay for things, whether it’s on the Internet or in the mall. However, while building up your credit is all well and good, there are some things that you need to avoid doing with your card. Obviously, maxing out its credit limit is going to be one of them! That’s not all, though. some of the features that come with your card might not actually be things you want to take advantage of. Let’s take a look at one of those. One of the most dangerous feature on credit cards is the ability to withdraw cash from an ATM against your overall line of credit. While it might seem like a good feature to have in emergencies, it can end up being a dangerous temptation. You […]


Small Ways to Burn Extra Calories

Working out is never an easy thing, that’s why “work” is involved. Even if you love it there are always mantras like, “No pain, no gain” to remind you that it’s not going to be fun. But the results pay off. It feels good to start dropping weight or build muscle and it’s easy to get impatient if it’s slow going. Have no fear, you can up your calorie burn even more by doing a few small things every day. You probably won’t even notice putting effort into them, but your body will secretly be slimming down right under your nose. Here’s how to burn extra calories by doing tiny tasks: Park Farther Away We’ve all heard that when you go to the grocery store you should park farther away than normal, but really you should be across the lot. Even if there’s a great spot right in front of […]