Promising Tools for HTML5 Development

Cover of T+D Magazine for October 2011I’m pleased to share that I have an article in this month’s T+D: Promising Tools for HTML5 Development. (Click on the New Tools for Mobile Learning title on the cover; though that’s not the primary focus of the article, this has not yet been edited on the cover.)

Update: Regular PDF version here.

In the article, I look at two “mature” tools that have been on the market for years — decades, even — and two that are brand-new. Lectora and ToolBook are the ones you may already have, and Claro and mLearning Studio are two new ones that you may want to consider if you’re interested in developing for HTML5 delivery. I’ll be continuing to develop this topic at DevLearn in a couple of weeks, on Learning Circuits in December, and beyond… so as always, let me know if you know of new tools that come onto the scene.