On Daring Fireball: “Blank Slate”

Here’s an old post on how Gruber designed his website’s theme. While on the surface it’s about appearance, there’s more there about usability and about the process of design.


I did not design Daring Fireball by starting with one of Movable Type’s default templates. I started the visual design with a blank sheet of paper…

And this:

Designing is thinking, and if you care about design, every detail — the layout, the colors, the markup, the URL structure — deserves to be thought about.

And this:

Default templates are terrific for people who can’t or don’t want to design their own — but they’re terrible starting points for anyone attempting to establish their own unique brand. If you start with nothing, you’re forced to think about everything.

Sounds familiar, yes? Blog themes or learning experiences, so much of design is just… design.