The Connected Company, by Dave Gray

I recently finished reading a pre-release copy of Dave Gray’s upcoming book, The Connected Company. Already a Dave Gray fan because of Gamestorming, I was blown away by this book. I highly recommend pre-ordering a copy now.


Reason #1: It’s incredibly insightful about how an organization’s structure affects its ability to respond to customers, learn, grow, and be resilient in the face of change. Professionals in workplace learning and performance are often encouraged to develop more business acumen, and this book delivers a new message in that regard.

Reason #2: It goes even further, shining a spotlight on how the organization as a whole learns and increases performance. There are a lot of implications here for L&D departments that are looking to become — and remain — strategic partners in their organizations.

Also, it’s extremely well written — and illustrated! Definitely a different breed for a book about business.

Enjoy as of September 13.

8/30/12 Updates: The Connected Company is available now on Kindle. Also, this is a book I’m very interested in discussing further… Good thing there’s a LinkedIn group dedicated to that.

  • Michael C. Wagner

    This sounds like a timely read for me. Like you I am a fan Dave Gray and his work with Gamestorming. I tell clients the introduction is worth the price of the book. His brief but insightful reflection on facilitation as game is exceptional.

    • Judy Unrein

      Absolutely. And… just like that, there’s something else I really should write about here. :)

  • Eric Albertson

    Very Cool!

  • Brian Dusablon

    Can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for the review. I like the focus on actual performance.