Style Tiles

Here’s a new (to me) resource: Style Tiles, a template that helps communicate the look and feel of a web design project.

styletilesI prototype interactions completely without graphic treatment, so doing something like this separately shows stakeholders that I also have the visual aspect of the experience in mind and allows us to discuss those components separately.

As useful as the template, though, is the collection of design resources on the website: See “Step 1: Listen” in particular. Good design advice.

The template is a PSD offered under a CC 3.0 license, but there’s nothing about it that requires Photoshop, so I’ve adapted it to PowerPoint and Keynote.

As the original template encourages, “Be creative, [sic] don’t just use this template as-is!”

Thanks to my coworker, , for sharing.

SCAD for Graphic Design Classes

Logo that reads SCAD - The University for Creative CareersI’ve been considering taking some classes from the Savannah College of Art and Design for a while. They have an awesome rep and a digital publishing certificate program that sounds like a good fit for learning design, but let’s face it… after finishing my M.Ed. this year, it’s going to be a while before I take on any new formal education.

I thought I’d share the idea, though, especially since they let me know a few days ago that they have grant money available for their distance education students who start in Fall 2011. See their Fall 2011 schedule here… Classes start September 12.

Free Stuff Tuesday (2/1/11 Edition)

Okay, so today’s post isn’t about elearning design per se… I’m just sharing it because sometimes it’s nice to have a little inspiration on your desktop. Particularly well-designed inspiration. has images, fonts, just about everything a graphic designer needs… and they have great wallpaper, too. They’re free but require a login. Check out the February releases. (I’m thinking the Escape from Comic Sans one will have a home on my desktop for a while.)

And while you’re there, check out their other free stuff, some of which you might be able to use in your courses after all.

Free Stuff Tuesday (1/18/11 Edition)

Don’t you love how that implies that every Tuesday, I’m going to post free stuff? C’mon people, have we just met? That probably won’t happen.

But here are some free things today, just to make your Tuesday awesome for a reason other than it’s not Monday:

25 New Free High-Quality Fonts from Smashing Magazine

AND… is having another day of making unlimited free handwriting fonts, in celebration of National Handwriting Day on 1/23/11. Just use coupon code CPN2011FUN on 1/23/11.

(I just thought they should really pay me for sending people to their site and guess what? They have an affiliate program. So using that link will now pay me a few bucks… except when you use their site on a free font day. But do it anyway…  I love mine and anything is better than Comic Sans in your courses.)