Formatting Scripts for Voice Talent by Shelley McIntyre

While sorting through some resources this week, I came across this wonderful resource, written by a voice actor named Shelley McIntyre (who I don’t know personally and have never hired, but I love the guide).

It’s several years old — I believe I originally saw it in a conversation on the eLearning Guild forums, back before they were on LinkedIn — but the content is evergreen. And while it will make it easier to get what you want from professionals, it will be even more valuable when you’re using amateurs, who might not have the experience to make up for a poor script like a pro would.


Things We Think About Short-Form Blogging

In his preface to Things We Think About Games, Jeff Tidball writes,

The short form has been an interesting challenge. It’s one thing to explain your position from every angle, at exhaustive length. It’s something different to boil it down while worrying, with every sentence and caveat you cut, that it’ll be taken out of context, or the obvious exceptions thrown back in your face on Ye Internete. But the hope is that this format — and I think we were right to choose it — will make Things We Think more actually useful. The hope is that short, provocative nuggets will spark your own thinking and force you to make up your own damn mind.